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eddo's Journal

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Wrapped in bacon is the new pink.
actuaries, admiring my ass, always looking 18, ambiguous sexuality, art school students, blue america, blue and brown stripes, blue bottle coffee, british people, bulbous asses, cal, camden town, canada, cheese, coasts, emo, fabric on walls, fake british accents, farley's cafe, faux fur, febreeze, financial calculators, forgetting people, france, free things, good skin, h&m, hayes valley, iced nonfat double lattes, impeccable teeth, intellectual graffiti, lacto-ovo-pescatarianism, latte liberals, laundry bag mesh, math, pablo neruda, paris, pitying the south, place pigalle, poo, potrero hill, pretentious films, prime numbers, randomly giving tours, san francisco, shaking babies, shoelaces not in shoes, stereotyping, suppenkuche, team eat, the crazy violin, the northwest, the orbit room, tie wristbands, top man, unchinky chinks, unsuccessful volume control, urban design, urban snobs, vespas, views, wearing hott pants, white people brooklyn, witty racism